2014 Keturah Staff Awards

Congratulations and sincere Thank You to our Team at Keturah Group

Employee of the Year Elaine Keturah Carine Glades
Therapist of the Year Joanne & Laura  Keturah Highgate
Therapist of the Year Keri Keturah Fremantle
Therapist of the Year Rebecca Keturah Nedlands
Therapist of the Year Ashleigh Keturah Carine
Customer Service Award Molly
Keturah Nedlands
Keturah Highgate
Spa Coordinator of the Year Laura Keturah Nedlands
High Achievement Anna Keturah Highgate
Retailer of the Year Ashleigh Keturah Carine
GG Award for Greatness & Goodness
In Memory of Gordana 
Keri Keturah Fremantle

Keturah Spa Group also Won 5 Industry National Awards in 2014.