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Beautiful Mums: Beauty Regime Changes for Women Over 40

Mother's Day is coming up next month and we want mums to look and feel their best for their special day.

Growing older and being a mother are two fabulous gifts, and we shouldn’t be ashamed to embrace some of the signs of this – like the confidence that comes with experience or the smile lines on our face from a happy life! But as women age, our bodies and hair will change, and we need to adapt our beauty routines so that they continue to work for us.

There are both professional treatments and at home changes that you can make to adapt your beauty routine past the age of 40.

Your Hair Routine

As we age, our hair may change in colour, texture, volume, and even its ability to grow. There are many ways to deal with these changes. The best way to start is to accept that your hair is changing, and it will require new beauty and care routines.

Regardless of the texture of your hair as a younger woman, it will usually become drier and more brittle with age, making a little trickier to maintain longer hair as we age. Often, the follicles will not support growth beyond a certain length. Nourishing your hair with a regular hair treatment will help to keep it healthier for longer.

Hair also tends to lighten as we age, first fading to grey and then to white. If you choose to die your hair to keep the greys at bay for longer, consider gradually choosing a lighter colour over time so that the grey or white roots will be less noticeable or require fewer touch ups.

Skin Brightness

You may have noticed that your previous makeup routine no longer flatters your face, and may even make your skin appear uneven or blotchy. This may be, in part, due to the changes in your skin which is likely drier than it has been in the past. Simply finding the right makeup, or opting for the right foundation and foregoing concealer altogether can make a world of difference. Try having your makeup professionally done, and asking the makeup artist for tips or suggestions to use on a regular basis.

If you’re looking for a more permanent change, you might consider a chemical peel, which has the potential to improve the texture of your skin and even out the pigmentation in your skin.


Wrinkles are a natural part of aging, resulting from sun exposure and the everyday wear and tear that your skin deals with. Whether your skin has developed permanent fine lines or deeper wrinkles, you have options to minimise the appearance of these.

You have probably been using anti-wrinkle moisturiser daily since your teens or early twenties, but as we age it becomes time to switch to a moisturiser with properties to help nourish older skin, which will help with issues like uneven skin tone, dry skin, larger pores and fine lines and wrinkles. Look for products that help to lift and brighten the skin (like this Pevonia Lumafirm Repair Cream) and an eye cream that does the same. 

As you get older you may wish to go a step further and reduce the appearance of deeper wrinkles with procedures like wrinkle filling and wrinkle relaxing - depending on the extent of your wrinkles. Wrinkle fillers are intended to do what your skin previously did for itself, but is no longer able to do efficiently. Wrinkle relaxers, on the other hand, relax the muscles in your face so that they no longer pull at your skin as easily, which allows your skin to heal itself.

Facial Hair

One of the most unwelcome signs of aging is the appearance of unwanted facial hair for some women. There are many options to this – waxing, plucking and using depilatories can be an ongoing process, so you may want to go with something more permanent like IPL hair removal.


Whether your teeth are dulling in colour or have been worn down over the years, your teeth and your smile are two of your most notable features! Teeth whitening can give your smile a little boost!

Every mum in Australia deserves to look her best on Mother's Day! Whether you're looking to treat yourself or you want to spoil your mother on her special day, Keturah Spa has what a mum needs – take a look at our range of treatments and contact us to make a booking!

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