mesoestetic couperend maintenance cream 50ml


mesoestetic couperend maintenance cream is a cream for sensitive skins susceptible to the appearance of redness and the appearance of superficially visible capillaries. Minimising irritation of the skin, mesoestetic couperend maintenance cream regenerates the skin while it protects, and has an anti-inflammatory action.


Key Ingredients

• Centella Asiatica
• Melilot Extract
• Troxerutin
• Bilberry Extract
• Hesperidin

How To Use

Apply the cream to clean, dry skin once or twice a day. Non-comedogenic.

Cream for sensitive skin susceptible of suffering diffuse redness and/or blood microcapillaries visible on the surface. Its soothing, antierythematous and decongestant action helps minimise skin irritation by acting on the impaired perivascular structure.


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