Meet Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr Harvey Sacks

Cosmetic Medicine & Surgery

Perth cosmetic surgeon performs all treatments himself using the highest premium cosmetic products approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration in Australia. He gives a highly specialised (25 years experience) and thorough, individualised facial assessment and analysis. Without a proper facial analysis it is impossible to design the correct, personalised treatment plan.

Dr Harvey Sacks is available at Keturah Day Spa’s the last week of every month at the following locations:

Monday 9am-12noon Carine 9203 9888
Monday 12:30 – 5pm Highgate 9228 8555
Thursday 11am-7pm Nedlands 9389 3777

Nedlands 93893777
Thursday, 12 November
​Thursday, 17 December
Highgate 92280855 / Carine 92039888
Monday, 9th November
Monday, 14 December

After the facial analysis, a treatment plan can be designed to suit the individual patient, taking into consideration:

  • Patient needs
  • desirable outcome
  • cost efficiency
  • patient comfort
  • use of latest and best techniques
  • professional care and aftercare

Call Keturah on 9389 3777 for any Enquiries or to book a Consultation. Consultations at $70 but fully redeemable if you proceed with the Treatment.

DR HARVEY SACKS services include:

  • WRINKLE FILLERS: Lips, Cheeks, Chin, Folds, Scars, Tear Troughs, Nasal Shaping, Brow Lifting, Liquid Face Lift
  • WRINKLE RELAXERS: Brow, Frown, Crows Feet, Chin, Nefertiti Lift, Gummy Smile, Bunny Lines, Underarm Sweating, Nasal Tip Lift, Eyebrow Reshape, Treatment for Migraines
  • Cosmetic Surgery Advice and Referrals