Hot Stone Massage

Escape from the outside world… revitalise and restore your mind and body.

The Therapists at Keturah Day Spas are some of the most skilled providers of Hot Stone Massage in Perth. Hot Stone Massage is a holistic therapy treatment that is particularly effective at relaxing the whole body.

How Hot Stone Massage Works

Smooth basalt river stones are heated and placed at particular pressure points on the back to heat and soothe the muscles and open up the energy pathways in the body. With the muscles completely relaxed and warmed, this allows your massage therapist to work deeper into the muscle tissue without applying too much pressure, which is preferred by many to more traditional forms of deep tissue massage.

Working deep into the muscle allows your massage therapist to physically loosen adhesions (areas of rigid muscle tissue caused by muscle strain and tension), reducing pain and tension and restoring ease of movement to the body.

Hot Stone Massage has endless benefits – among other things it causes deep muscle and body relaxation, alleviates pain, improves circulation, and releases endorphins which reduce stress and anxiety and leave you with a feeling of calm and wellbeing.

Book your Hot Stone Massage with us today by contacting one of our Day Spa Locations or if you know someone who could benefit from a Full Body Massage you can purchase a voucher online by choosing the desired package below.

Stress Buster


Increase circulation with an invigorating Sea Salt full body exfoliation. Drift off during your aromatic face and scalp pressure point massage, then the ultimate in relaxation the Hot Stone massage to rebalance your mind, body and spirit.

Hot Stone Massage (1h15m)


Allow the stones to release their healing energies deep into the muscles, dissolving tension and stress. A sensory experience to harmonise the body.