10 Steps to Perfect Skin on Your Wedding Day

The Bridal Bible: Ten Steps to Perfect Skin on Your Wedding Day

There’s plenty to worry about in the months, weeks and days leading up to your wedding. From whether your dress is a perfect fit to whether your uncle will tell his embarrassing jokes at the reception – the average bride has plenty to obsess about. So, the last thing you need is the added worry of whether your skin is going to be in the best shape for those all-important wedding photos (that last forever)!

To get the complexion of your dreams on your big day, it’s important that you start preparing sooner than later. For perfect skin when you say “I do,” follow these ten steps to a flawless, glowing complexion.

10. Eat Clean

When: Anywhere from a year to a month before the big day

Eating clean won’t just help you look spectacular in your gown. Eating clean – as in sticking to whole grains, lean meats and fresh produce – will help to make you glow from the inside out. For an extra glow, eat foods that are rich in skin-friendly antioxidants, such as berries, in addition to foods packed with healthy fatty acids, like fish.

9. Hydrate

When: Begin as soon as possible

One of the simplest ways to give your skin a glow is by staying hydrated. If you take your weight in pounds and divide it in half, this will give you the number of ounces of water that you should be drinking everyday for glowing, healthy skin and hair.

8. Begin a Skincare Routine

When: At least three months before the wedding

Facials are great, but nothing beats a consistent skincare routine at home each night. Cleanse your skin in the AM and PM before applying treatment or products with a gentle but effective cleanser, such as the Pevonia Sensitive Skin Cleanser. In the morning, apply a sunscreen with a high SPF to protect your skin from damage – we love the Hydrating SPF 30+ Sunscreen. In the evenings, use a treatment targeted towards your specific skin concerns, but always follow with a great moisturiser like the Timeless Repair Cream.

Now is also a good time to begin an Endermologie Treatment program. Endermologie can be used to drain, sculpt, contour and firm the face and body, which is perfect leading up to your Wedding – it’s a skin gym! It reduces cellulite and targets areas that need to be lifted or contoured, but can be hard to target with diet and exercise – and it’s 100% natural and non-invasive!

7. Avoid Pore-Clogging Makeup

When: In the three months leading up to saying “I do”

Even if you regularly use liquid foundation and plan to wear it when you walk down the aisle, even the best foundations can clog your pores. If you really want clear skin on your big day, switch to a mineral makeup in the few months leading up to your wedding. This will prevent any new blemishes or clogged pores. We recommend this mineral powder foundation for daily wear.

6. Prep Your Body

When: Two months leading up to your wedding

Don’t put all your focus on your face! Give your full body some love by exfoliating in the shower with a thick exfoliant, like the Silky Skin Body Scrub. Follow up with a lotion that will guarantee smooth skin. A body moisturiser that contains Alpha Hydroxy Acid will help to banish dead skin cells and leave you with a silky smooth finish. Try the Preserve Body Moisturizer with AHA.

5. Pause to De-Stress

When: Four weeks before the big day

Stress is terrible for your skin. It can rob you of your radiance and make you look dull and tired. Taking a break to forget about wedding-planning worries and de-stress will not only give your spirit a boost, but also restore your skin’s vibrancy. A quick massage can easily be fit in during your lunch hour and is the perfect way to leave stress behind.

4. Get a Facial

When: Two weeks before your wedding

A great skincare regimen is wonderful, but a facial is the best way to really ensure your skin glows. Book a facial appointment two weeks before your wedding. This will ensure that any redness from your appointment has diminished, but that your skin is still sporting the glowing effects of your professional treatment.

3. Banish Fuzz

When: A week before the wedding

It’s hard to enjoy your smooth and glowing skin if you’re plagued by unwanted body hair. Visit the spa for a wax a week before your big day to ensure that you’ll be hair-free when you walk down the aisle.

2. Get Glowing

When: A few days before you say “I do”

A spray tan will give you a gorgeous sun-kissed glow, that unlike a real tan, won’t cause any damage or premature signs of aging. Go in for your spray tan a few days before your big day, to ensure that the colour is still vibrant when you walk down the aisle.

1. Have Your Makeup Done

When: The morning of your special day

The final step in wedding-perfect skin is getting your makeup professionally done an hour or so before you walk down the aisle. If you’ve followed all of the steps in the bridal bible, then your skin is probably pretty gorgeous at this point. Still, the final step will be a professional makeup application, which will take your skin from lovely to ethereal.