Five Tips for Surviving the Christmas Party Season

The Christmas party season is fast approaching, and it’s time to start preparing yourself for the late nights, glamorous gatherings and tired mornings! There’s lots to think about in the build up to Christmas, so we’ve put together this list of five tips to help you survive the Christmas party season, with style, grace, and good health:

1. Be Prepared

In order to make the most of this year’s party season, you need to be prepared. If you want to look your best, make sure you book your beauty appointments well in advance to avoid disappointment – we’re filling up fast for December already here at Keturah! People are known to book their appointments months ahead of schedule! We do have extended trading hours and open the Sunday prior to Christmas so make a list of any beauty services you’ll need for each of your events, and call as soon as possible to reserve a spot with your beauty therapist or hairdresser.

2. Stay Hydrated

Inevitably, at some point during the festive period, you’ll need to avoid a hangover. Make sure you stay hydrated to increase your chances of feeling fresh the morning after a crazy party. Pace yourself, spacing out your drinks throughout the night. Alcohol is a diuretic, causing dehydration. Hangovers are primarily caused by dehydration so, if you can stay hydrated during the party, you’ll dramatically reduce the probability of a debilitating hangover the morning after. Coconut water has also been found to replace lost electrolytes and improve hydration levels. Our top tip to decrease the odds of a hangover is to keep a bottle of coconut water in your fridge at home and drink it before you go to sleep after the party!

3. Get Pampered at the Start of December

Whilst it can be tempting to book your appointments for the days preceding important social engagements, you should give your skin a beauty boost at the start of December too. Indulge in some pampering to keep you looking great throughout the month –facials are a great choice to prepare your skin for the festive season, ensuring a radiant glow. It’s also possible to get long-lasting beauty treatments, such as shellac nails. Shellac nail varnish is long wearing and chip resistant, so can keep your hands looking pretty throughout the party season! Our creative Hair Stylists can also do an amazing Upstyle for your Christmas Functions.

4. Invest in Your Skin

Skincare’s always important, but you’ll need to pay a little extra attention to your skin throughout December. Late nights and the strong Perth sun can take their toll on the delicate skin around your face, particularly if you forget to stay hydrated at one of your Christmas parties. At the start of the month, ramp up the skincare routine and invest in some high quality products, paying special attention to your moisturiser. This Lumafirm repair cream is perfect, as it has been designed especially to rehydrate, repair and protect skin, whilst providing instant radiance.

5. When All Else Fails, Cover Up!

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, lack of sleep, partying and alcohol can take its toll on our delicate bodies. If this happens to you, all isn’t lost! Make sure you have a good supply of cosmetics available especially for the morning after, and you’ll be able to disguise how you’re feeling.

Alternatively, if you have back-to-back parties planned, you should consider booking an appointment for professional make up application at Keturah Highgate or Nedlands so you can rest assured that you’ll look fabulous, even if you had a heavy night the night before!