Five Celeb Men Who Are Beauty Salon Regulars

A day out at the day spa has long been a favourite pastime and relaxing escape for women, but why should they get to have all the fun? Day spa and beauty treatments are just as enjoyable men, and there are even some treatments specifically designed for men!

Some of Hollywood’s finest, like these five, have learned to enjoy the relaxation and beauty treatments on offer at the day spa – check out their preferred treatments!

David Beckham

Have you noticed that most celebrity men have a bronzed glow? With all of the recent media attention on the harm that could be caused by lying out in the sun, men have started using spas and spray tanning.

Take Bradley Cooper for example, who has been known to get a spray tan to avoid farmers tans and sock tans. Tan stomachs can also add to the illusion of a six pack.

Jay Z

After being named one of the best looking men on the planet several times, George Clooney has a lot to live up to. Even in his fifties, he still maintains his handsome appearance with the help of his day spa.

Clooney’s favourites are some of the regulars, including waxing and facials. He has also tried some less conventional treatments. He leads the way on wrinkle relaxers in the genital area, and has been known to discuss it publicly! As inspiring of a man as Clooney is, he may just start the next big trend among male salon goers.

Snoop Dogg

All you need to do to know that Snoop Dogg is a regular at the beauty salon is to check out his social media accounts. He publicly shows off manicures – they are not only for women. Like Snoop Dogg, celebrities like Johnny Depp and Keith Richards have also been known to have their nails done by a professional.

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